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The Benefits of Downsizing as an Aging Adult

 Posted by Robert Ray on December 29, 2017 at 9:45 AM

There are several lifestyle changes associated with senior living. One of the biggest and most beneficial changes is downsizing. This is the process of purchasing a smaller or less expensive home as a retiree or aging adult. This means less home to maintain or pay for as a senior, which is a major benefit for many.

There are multiple benefits to downsizing”

Avoid Mounting Expenses – as a homeowner, home maintenance can be expensive. Unexpected issues, damages or occurrences could mean out-of-pocket expenses at any given time. Seniors typically have less income during the golden years and do whatever is necessary to make their money last. The decision to downsize your home makes it possible for aging adults to avoid the debt associated with home maintenance costs.

Utilities – it is to be expected that utility costs would dramatically decrease for seniors who choose to move into a smaller space. This means less money going out, which helps because there is probably less money coming in at this point. Smaller homes that are easier to warm in the winter or keep cool in the summer top the list of must-haves for many seniors in the community.

Downsizing Could Enhance Your Quality of Life

Upon retirement, there are several motivating factors that encourage seniors to strongly consider downsizing. They may want to relocate to a different area of the city or another state altogether. Many seniors choose to move closer to other family members as they age. In some cases, better air quality is desired to prevent the possibility of being ill from breathing in heavily polluted air.

Take a look at the factors that many seniors say encourage them to downsize and relocated.

  • Social events and activities
  • Medical care providers
  • Better weather
  • Less crime
  • Cultural activities and festivals
  • Cost of living
  • More cultural or age-appropriate activities

There is an abundance of services available that help seniors and their families find locations more suitable for their age and lifestyle preferences. The variety of interests that exists in seniors is growing each day. Many elderly people prefer to be around others in their age groups and specialty communities that are designed to accommodate senior living. These are the spaces that appeal to the senior demographic and make life more enjoyable for them.